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Linda Gotsch, MS-CCC-SLP combined the skills she developed practicing as a Speech Language Pathologist for over 50 years with the skills she developed as a Life Coach to create a program to assist women caring for a family member suffering from dementia to allow these women to provide confident care giving with no regrets.                         

While working as a Speech Pathologist, Linda provided instruction to families in behavioral management techniques necessary for assisting a person with dementia perform daily tasks and activities.  She provided instruction in compensatory strategies for feeding a person with dementia insuring safe adequate nutrition. Linda often provided instruction in strategies to increase a person with dementia’s communication skills in order to increase the effectiveness of communication between the caregiver and their family member.  

As A Life Coach, Linda assists her clients in developing goals followed by helping the client achieve these goals.  Working with a Life Coach helps caregivers get clear regarding their loved ones needs followed by determining a plan of action that is realistic.             


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